Copper Iron Designs




The Copper Iron shop is a unique blend of traditional and modern technology built up over the last 20 years. 

Traditional blacksmithing techniques of hammer and anvil are enhanced by the use of a 120lb pnematic power hammer and propane forges.

Traditional cutting techniques using bandsaw and oxyacetylene are enhanced by CNC water jet cutting.

Welding using MIG, TIG and gas welding are much more efficient and allow more creative assembly than more traditional mechanical methods.

​Our in house machine shop with CNC mills, lathes and EDM machines can create small precision parts.

Combining twenty plus years of shop and site experience with a background in Architecture we are able to design the entire project or work closely with a design team to ensure a project is aesthetically, structurally and economically sound.


in addition to standard finishes such as paint, powder coat and annodizing, we have a  range of  patina finishes for steel, bronze and copper. In addition we can create custom faux finishes.


Creativity  solutions  quality



Careful design and preparation are followed through in the fabricatiion process. Cutting, drilling, bending, rolling, punching are preparatory processes. Welding and brazing and mechanical fastening

From sketch design to installation we can help designers and clients create unique metalwork projects. Our experience in both design and fabrication allow us to explore design possibilities that may not otherwise be available. if you bring us something new, we would love to work with you to find the solution.

Our hot forging equipment enables us to create unique design elements  in steel, bronze, aluminum and stainless steel.



Taking a sketch design to a finished product involves many choices that affect the appearance, strength and cost of the project.

Materials choice, joint design, assembly methods and site considerations are a few of the variables. Careful design will result in a project that does not cause problems in the shop or on site and that is aesthetically pleasing.

- Design

- Shop drawings

- Material specification &  resourcing

- Hot Forge work

-machine shop

- mig and tig welding

- hand metal finishing
- custom patina finishes

- site installation